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"Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return" -Anonymous

 Hi, I'm Sophia, the founder of SR Connemara's.

 I have worked with horses for over 30 years and am both a qualified riding instructor and groom.  I have been running my own livery yard for the past 14 years in Dartmoor, Devon.


My love of Connemara ponies started in 2020 when one of my  liveries asked me if I would be prepared to back a Connemara pony that they had bought and I agreed. I  couldn't believe what an excellent temperament this pony had and how easily they took to the whole process.  I fell in love with the breed, so much so that I  decided to buy a Connemara for myself to back and sell on.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.


All of my youngsters are backed slowly and sympathetically. During this process I  familiarise them with lots of different situations so that they are as experienced and confident as possible, before being placed up for sale.  Dartmoor is the perfect training ground, with its wide open spaces, wild ponies, cows, sheep, farm machinery and even low flying military aircraft! 

I am extremely passionate about the ponies I produce.


Connemara pony
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